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  • Jul 2nd, 2016

    Can My Child Support Be Modified?

    Child Support

    Once a child support order is handed down, many people believe that they are “stuck” paying that amount of child support for the duration specified in the order. While it is critical to pay the child support according to the judgment, it is possible to have the judgment modified under certain circumstances. Here’s what you need to know.

    Qualifying Situations

    A child support order can be modified to go both ways — so the payor is paying either less or more child support, depending on the situation. It is more common for a payor to bring forward a judgment modification case if he or she needs the amount of support lowered, while it is more common for the recipient of child support to bring forward a case if there is grounds to have the amount of child support paid raised.

    Situations that may qualify for a child support modification include but are not limited to:

    • The payor receives a demotion or has a reduction in work hours
    • The payor loses his or her job
    • They payor becomes seriously ill
    • The children begin living with the payor full time
    • The payor receives a raise or an increase in work hours
    • The payor obtains a new, higher paying job
    • The needs of the child change, including if the child becomes ill or requires extensive medical care
    • The child becomes emancipated

    There are additional situations that may qualify for a modification of child support. It’s important to contact an attorney if you are struggling to make your child support payments, or if you are the recipient and you have reason to believe that the payor has had a change in circumstance that would require a higher payment.

    If You Can’t Make Your Payments, Get Legal Help Right Away

    If you find yourself in a situation where you are no longer making the money you need to pay your child support payments and adequately meet your other financial obligations, it’s critical to get legal help. Back child support will typically still be owed, even if your future payments have been reduced. If you’ve experienced a change in circumstances, don’t wait to submit a request for a modification to the court with the help of a child support modification lawyer.

    Contact Haefner Law today to learn more about child support modifications by callingĀ (314) 200-6101.