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  • Missouri Child Support Calculator

    Parent Receiving Support

    Parent Paying Support


    Total number of children

    1. Monthly gross income

    1a. Monthly court-ordered maintenance

    2. Adjustments

    2a. Other monthly child support pursuant to court or administrative order

    2b. Monthly court-ordered maintenance being paid

    2c. Monthly support obligation for other children

    (1) Number of other children primarily residing in each parent's custody

    (2) Each parent's support obligation from support schedule using the parent's Line 1 monthly gross income

    (3) Monthly child support received under court or administrative order for children included in line 2c(1)

    2c. Total adjustment

    3. Adjusted monthly gross income (sum of lines 1 and 1a, minus lines 2a, 2b, and 2c)

    4. Proportionate share of combined adjusted monthly gross income (Each parent's line 3 income dd by combined line 3 income)

    5. Basic Child Support Amount (From support chart using combined line 3 income)

    6. Additional Child-Rearing Costs of Parents

    6a. Child care costs of parent receiving support

    (1) Reasonable work-related child care costs of the parent receiving support

    (2) Child Care Tax Credit

    6a. Total Adjusted child care costs [Line 6a(1) minus Line 6a(2)]

    6b. Reasonable work-related child care costs of the parent paying support

    6c. Health insurance costs for the children who are subjects of this proceeding

    6d. Uninsured agreed-upon or court-ordered extraordinary medical costs

    6e. Other agreed-upon or court-ordered extraordinary child-rearing costs

    7. Total additional child-rearing costs (Sum of lines 6a, 6b, 6c, 6d, and 6e)

    8. Total combined child support costs (Sum of line 5 and line 7)

    9. Each parent's support obligation (Multiply line 8 by each parent's line 4)

    10. Credit for additional child-rearing costs (line 7 of parent paying support)

    11. Adjustment for a portion of amounts expended by the parent obligated to pay support during periods of overnight visitation or custody

    12. Presumed child support amount (Line 9 minus lines 10 and 11)

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