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  • Flat Rate Divorce Services in St. Louis

    Flat rate St. Louis divorce lawyer fees

    At Haefner Law Office, LLC we know that family law matters come with many problems. Knowing what your case is going to cost you should not be one of them.

    There’s no difference in the quality of work when using a Flat Rate attorney as opposed to using an hourly attorney. Haefner Law Office, LLC brings the experience, knowledge, and expertise you need to complete this. I am confident that we can do what you need us to in order to accomplish your goals.

    When we started looking into flat rate pricing, we could only offer flat rates on divorce matters. However, we have now expanded the flat rates to all aspects of family law.

    This new and innovative way to do family law is a direct response to the needs of our clients.

    Missouri’s premier divorce attorney at a flat rate cost

    It seems to work with most clients’ budgets and there are no more surprises when the bill comes at the end of the month. Knowing the exact costs up front was extremely appealing to our clients, so we worked to make it available in all aspects of family law.

    The documents we will use in Flat Rate cases are the same documents we’ve used in hundreds of family law cases.

    You may be a millionaire or you may only divide debt, but the case we create for you will work because it will be specifically created for your situation.

    These are not fill-in-the-blank forms—they are custom legal documents for your family.

    If you choose Haefner Law Office, LLC we will provide the guidance and knowledge necessary for you to have all of your bases covered.

    Haefner Law Office’s flat-rate divorce services start at just $1,500

    With packages starting at just $1,500, we can work with your budget.

    You get to select exactly how involved you would like an attorney to be in the process.

    We pride ourselves on being not only one of the best divorce and family law firms in the area, but also one of the most affordable.

    Why flat rate divorces are the best option

    Flat Rate divorce pricing for representation is a new and innovative way that Haefner Law Office is changing the way Family Law is done in Missouri:

    • By offering a variety of options, it allows the client to know exactly how much they are going to have to end from day one, as well as giving them the ability to decide what level of representation they need.
    • Instead of an “all or nothing” approach that most family law firms take, we have opened the opportunity to have a fully customizable plan for representation.

    A Flat Rate divorce is not simply drafting forms or a drive-through representation where you and your case don’t matter, but rather an affordable way to ensure you have the highest level of representation at a fee that is determined by what your personal needs are.

    Make no mistake—you are going to have an extremely knowledgeable and experienced divorce attorney in St. Louis who has the abilities and skills to represent you and your family in your case, no matter what happens.

    What is a Flat Rate in Family Law matters and how does it work?

    The Flat Rate system we have developed has taken years to perfect, and we have it down to a science.

    Here is how it works:

    • You call the office (314) 200-6101 and set up a free telephone consultation.
    • We will discuss your case and see if we are able to help you in whatever situation you have.
    • If you decide to move forward, you will then go to the forms part of this website and fill out the information sheet in whatever area of law you are retaining us for, as well as the Statement of Income and Expense and the Statement of Property.
    • We will then meet for 30 minutes at Haefner Law Office to go over your case in-depth and get things moving.
    • Once you sign the contract, we are your attorney.

    Please keep in mind that we only represent the person that we meet with at the office. In no case will represent both sides in the same issue. We believe that it is unethical and creates conflict.

    Haefner Law Office, LLC will prepare ALL documents necessary to get your case filed with the Court. We will then email you all of the documents for your approval. Once you have agreed that the documents are exactly how you would like them, you will come to our office to sign ALL documents. 

    We will file your case in the appropriate Court and contact the other party when it’s time to come in and pick up the documents and/or sign all documents needed to finalize the agreement. If there is no agreement or if the other party refuses to come to the office, we will get them served and will then set a hearing with your judge.

    Should I look for a cheap divorce attorney?

    The most common question asked when it comes to a divorce is “how much does a divorce cost“.

    Nobody looks forward to the costs that come with a divorce. The situation is already a difficult one to begin with, but like everything else, you get what you pay for. Our flat-rate divorce prices have allowed us to find the perfect balance between effective legal services and affordable pricing.

    What about those places that advertise they can get me divorced for a few hundred bucks?

    Many places will advertise as “cheap divorce lawyers” who can get your divorce finalized for a couple of hundred dollars. Regarding the places that will sell you the forms for you to do it yourself, oftentimes the forms provided:

    • will not work in our Court
    • do not conform to local court rules
    • will simply give you an expensive document that is not worth the paper you printed it on

    If you buy forms, you are wasting your money most of the time.

    We have extensive experience with Missouri Divorce Forms, and we ensure they are completed and filed properly.

    Be aware that these forms often will not work in our Court because they do not conform to local court rules. These fill-in-the-blank forms are not custom to your specific case. This is your life and a one-size-fits-all form is inadequate in most cases.

    The forms are free if you want to do this yourself. Here is a link to the website for all of the forms if you want to go it alone.

    However, be warned! Haefner Law Office, LLC is often hired to fix the problems encountered after people have spent months trying to navigate this very complicated area of law themselves, or worse, hired to try and modify these documents later because they are missing extremely important points that need to be remedied.

    By the time they come to us, they’re more frustrated than they ever thought possible.

    From drafting the necessary documents to representing you at a multiple-day trial, Haefner Law Office can ensure you are protected, all at a Flat Rate that has been customized for your situation and needs.

    To learn more about Flat Rate pricing for all your family law needs, please contact our office at (314) 200-6101. Thank you for considering Haefner Law Office, we hope to hear from you soon.

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