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  • Mediated Divorce Attorney in St. Louis

    Divorce mediation lawyer in Saint Louis

    Haefner Law Office is thrilled to present a new approach for our clients to resolve their issues and find peace.

    St. Louis divorce attorney Mark Haefner has become one of the few family law attorneys in the area to complete mandatory family law mediation training. He can now offer this option to those seeking to end their relationship without the cost and stress of a traditional divorce.

    Below is a basic outline addressing many questions people have about divorce mediation.

    What is a mediated divorce?

    A Mediated Divorce occurs when two parties seek to simplify the divorce process but have unresolved issues, including child custody, child support, maintenance, and property division.

    • The mediator, a family law attorney certified by the Missouri Bar, serves as a neutral guide to help settle issues and avoid a contested, adversarial divorce. Choosing divorce mediation allows spouses to enter into an agreement for the mediator to assist in resolving outstanding issues, leading to an uncontested divorce or facilitating resolution of contested issues.
    • The mediator’s guidance provides insight into likely outcomes should the matter go to court, enabling informed decisions and potentially saving time, stress, and thousands of dollars. Even if not all issues are agreed upon, mediation can help narrow the focus of contested matters, saving time and money.
    Resource: What is a mediated divorce and is it right for me?

    How much does divorce mediation cost?

    At Haefner Law Office, the cost for a full mediation is a flat rate of $2,000, and includes the following:

    The cost for a full mediation is a flat rate of $2,500, and includes the following:

    • Phone consultation: Description of the process, mediator’s requirements, and scheduling.
    • Email of required Financial Statements to be filled out: Each party’s document requirements for financial disclosures, which can be used for attorneys if needed.
    • 30-minute meetings: With each spouse to discuss goals, concerns, and questions.
    • In-depth document review: Provided by each client.
    • Up to two hours of joint mediation: Addressing issues, discussing likely outcomes, and proposing resolutions.
    • Additional mediation hours: If close to resolution, added at an hourly rate.
    • Summation Outline:
      • In-depth draft of what you agree on.
      • In-depth overview of what you still disagree on (if applicable).

    Total Value: $4,625

      Mediated divorce vs contested divorce vs uncontested divorce

      Mediated divorces are handled out of court, involving a judge only to approve agreed-upon terms. Contested divorces involve courtrooms, judges, and disputes. Mediation can save time money, and stress over traditional contested divorces.

      What happens if someone changes their mind?

      Mediation is non-binding, and therefore someone could change their mind about what was agreed upon.  However, should mediation be unsuccessful, or if a party agrees then changes their mind, there will be an extensive outline of what was agreed on, who changed their mind, and other information that each may take to their attorneys. If requested, parties are referred to competent attorneys for issue resolution, possibly avoiding a costly trial in a contested matter.

      Who should not attempt a mediated divorce?

      Mediation is not recommended in cases of domestic violence, unwillingness to attempt resolution, or if there is a belief that the other party is hiding assets. It’s also not suitable if one party refuses concessions or seeks a decision rather than mutual agreement.

      Who should attempt a mediated divorce?

      Parties wanting to save money, maintain a cordial relationship, and prefer a quick, amicable resolution. Mediation is suitable for those with children, honest communication about assets, and a desire for confidentiality.

      What is the divorce mediation process and when is the divorce final?

      Once mediation has been completed, an overview of what was and was not agreed upon will be drafted for each party to take to their attorney, or if requested, referred to an attorney who can draft the uncontested documents.  The mediation report will cover all necessary information and agreements so that documents can be quickly and clearly drafted so that the process is quick and painless for the parties should an agreement is reached. 

      If you have additional questions regarding a mediated divorce or questions relating to a divorce of any type, please contact 314-200-6101 and speak to one of our attorneys to discuss your options.  

      Find out more about our divorce mediation services

      The divorce and family law attorneys at Haefner Law Office are here to help answer divorce mediation questions you may have or to act as the mediated divorce attorney for you and your spouse. We offer affordable mediated divorce services to the people of St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding areas.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at any time.

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