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  • Mark Haefner

    Attorney and Managing Partner

    Family Law is what Mark Haefner does.  Having handled over 1,000 family law cases, with the vast majority of them being divorce and custody litigation, Mark has extensive knowledge in the area of family law. He spends most of his free time trying to improve his practice and the client experience. 

    Mark married young and started working extremely long hours as a family law attorney after law school.  When that marriage ended, he had no desire to have a drawn-out, stressful divorce.  He had seen what his clients go through every day, and he wanted no part of it.  So Mark streamlined the process so that the paperwork was done, the signatures signed, and the divorce completed as quickly as legally possible. 

    Driving home with a freshly signed Judgment of Dissolution, he wondered why more people did not do it this way.  Divorce is never fun, but it does not need to be extremely stressful or expensive.  It was at his lowest point that the idea for Flat Rate Divorces was created. 

    Mark eventually was married again, but this time to a woman with two children. Suddenly, at the age of 29, Mark was a stepfather of two girls in middle school, and had absolutely no idea what he was doing.  Somehow, with their mother rightfully taking most of the credit, the kids turned out alright, and both have graduated from Mizzou. Mark and his wife, Deanna, also have a child in grade school. 

    Mark is also an active Guardian Ad Litem, representing children in family law cases. 

    Mark’s journey, having gone through a divorce, being a stepfather in times that were occasionally contentious, and a father to a child that he has been extremely involved with since birth, has given him the ability to truly empathize with his clients.  He is consistently asking “is this what I would want if I was the client?” 

    Mark’s unique approach to family law, along with his extensive knowledge in family law, has allowed him to appear regularly on television to discuss divorce and other family law topics.  His book on Missouri Divorce, Exit Strategy, was published in 2020.

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