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    Flat-Rate Family Law Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

    Haefner Law Office, LLC provides experienced family law services in St. Louis and the surrounding Missouri areas. As a law firm focusing exclusively on family law, we understand the legal and personal intricacies of determining the best situational outcome during and after a divorce and other family law matters.

    Family law is a changing field that commands a complex protocol and genuine experience with an attorney that focuses exclusively in family law. Our team at Haefner Law Office, LLC prides itself on understanding how to determine the best outcome for your family within this tumultuous family court landscape. Family law can be difficult to master, but it doesn’t have to be.

    Haefner Law Office, LLC works closely with you at every step to leverage our experience and your resources into the best possible resolution for you and your family.

    Haefner Law Office, LLC owners Mark and Deanna Haefner were recent guests on the local morning talk show Show Me St. Louis to explain how Haefner Law’s comprehensive, flat-rate family law services are changing the way families navigate family law proceedings. “Our clients know up front what [our services] are going to cost them,” explains Mark Haefner, “We take a very different approach […] it all comes down to flat rates.”

    Understanding Family Law in the State of Missouri

    Family law encompasses many types of legal issues. As you probably know, these issues include matters involving family members such as married adults, their children, their assets, and even pets. Anyone in a relationship with another person can come under the purview of family law. If you’re concerned about your future as an unmarried partner or thinking about starting a family with your significant other—or both—then it’s time to learn more about family law and your state’s laws regarding these topics. Family law covers everything from estate planning to trusts, from business partnerships to non-profit organizations. Depending on where you live, what type of partnership you have may be governed by different laws.

    Some of the most common areas involved in family law cases include:

    As contested divorce attorneys in St. Louis, we have a complete understanding as to how Missouri’s laws function regarding divorce and family law.

    Why Choose Haefner for as Your Family Law Office?

    Family law is a broad set of laws that regulate everything from child custody to alimony to adoption. Family law is about more than just divorce. Family law covers everything from estate planning to wills and trusts and even Power of Attorney. Family law attorneys may work in various fields, including adoption, child custody, divorce, and property division. The attorneys might also work with non-profit organizations or government agencies to help parents and guardians with limited financial resources obtain government assistance with child care and health care costs.

    Haefner is a Flat-Rate Divorce and Family law office serving people in St. Louis and the surrounding Missouri areas. We know the difficulties surrounding divorce and family law matters, and we want to make sure money is the last thing you with which you are concerned about during the process.

    Additional Divorce & Family Law Practice Areas