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  • Mar 7th, 2017

    5 Crucial Strategies to Cope with Divorce


    Divorce is never easy, even if you were the one who first signed the papers. Coping with your divorce emotionally is just as important as the legal aspect of it. If you aren’t in a healthy emotional place, it will be difficult to make critical decisions. Here are 5 crucial strategies to cope with dissolving your marriage.

    1. Grieve the Loss of Your Marriage

    Divorcing is almost like a loved one passing away. The person who was once a significant part of your life no longer is. Everything you hoped and dreamed for your marriage will never happen. It’s okay, and even healthy, to grieve the loss of your marriage.

    2. Make Sure You Have Adequate Support

    Whether you have a few friends who are by your side or you’re going to counseling every week or two, it’s important to have a good support system around you before, during, and after your divorce. Never underestimate the power of a listening ear.

    3. Take Time for You

    You’ll need some time alone with yourself to process the emotions that go along with a divorce — despair, anger, frustration, relief, and even happiness. Also, you need to learn how to be you again, independent from your ex-spouse. Take as much time for yourself as you need.

    4. Forgive Yourself

    It takes two to tango, and it takes two to come to a point of getting a divorce. You likely had a hand in the dissolution of your marriage, and that’s okay. Know what you did to contribute to the end of your relationship, forgive yourself for it, and use this new knowledge to move on and create a better you.

    5. Find an Attorney Willing to Walk You Through the Process

    Whether you’re resolving your divorce amicably or you’re going through a messy, winner-takes-all separation, it’s crucial to have a lawyer willing to walk you through everything to get from where you are to where you want to be. Divorce can take months and in some cases, years. You’ll need a lawyer by your side to support you from start to finish.

    At Haefner Law Office, we know how challenging divorce can be and our team is ready to help you close this chapter of your life and start a new one. Contact us now for a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique needs and our Flat Rate Pricing at (314) 200-6101.

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