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  • Mar 12th, 2016

    3 Incredibly Expensive Divorces (#3 is Shocking!)


    Anyone who knows about divorce knows that it can be exceptionally expensive, especially without a prenup. These 3 famous divorces ended in shocking multi-million dollar settlements.

    1.  Elin Nordegren & Tiger Woods

    Anyone who was watching television in 2009 caught wind of the cheating scandal between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren. The couple met in 2001 when Elin was babysitting for another golfer, and in 2004, the pair got married and had two children together. However, when Tiger’s cheating scandal surfaced and 12 women admitted they had slept with him, Elin filed for divorce. How much did she win? $100 MILLION dollars.

    2. Anna Torv & Rupert Murdoch

    Rupert Murdoch and his co-worker Anna Torv were married for 30 years and had 3 children together. However, like many other couples, she wanted him home more, but he wanted to work. The couple decided to divorce, and California law gave Torv access to HALF of his fortune, which was estimated at the time to be around $7.9 billion. How much did she win? $1.7 BILLION in assets and approximately $100 MILLION in capital.

    3. Robyn Moore & Mel Gibson

    Robyn Moore and actor Mel Gibson were married since the 1980s and had 7 children together, but like many other Hollywood divorces, it ended when Gibson cheated and had a child with another woman. The couple separated, but Moore didn’t file until Gibson’s widely publicized arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. How much did she win? Half of Gibson’s estate, around $425 MILLION!

    What to Do When YOUR Divorce Is High Stakes

    Your divorce may not be worth multi-millions, but there may be a lot on the line. If you are involved in a high stakes divorce, or you are considering getting a divorce, learn more about where you stand and what action you should. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with an experienced St. Louis Divorce attorney.

    At the Haefner Law Office, we have the expertise and resources to zealously advocate for you during the divorce process. Regardless of what side of the divorce you are on, we will passionately stand up for your rights and your best interests. We will go the extra mile to see to it that you have everything you need to start life over again after the divorce is finalized.

    Contact the Haefner Law Office today for a consultation to discuss your legal options and how to best move forward with your divorce. Call now at (314) 200-6101.