Co-Parenting Tips

There are few things more frustrating than trying to co-parent with someone you genuinely dislike (I will not go as far as hate, because how can you hate someone who is responsible for your children being here).  The reality is that no matter how much you do not like your ex, how much it frustrates you that they are not doing their fair share, you need to work on co-parenting if it is at all possible.   There are some valid complaints … Continued

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The Single Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

One of the selling points that I often hear parents tell their kids about the upside of divorce is that they will be getting two Christmases. In theory, that is great news. In reality, it sucks. The holidays are already stressful, everyone has plans, and there is nothing worse than having to keep checking the clock to see when you have to gather up the kids and go meet your ex somewhere. Your kids don’t want to go, you rush … Continued

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Maintenance in Missouri

Maintenance in Missouri is one of the most difficult things to predict in family law cases.  Maintenance has little structure, varies greatly between counties and Judges, and often depends on several factors.  These are included in RSMo. §452.335, and include the following: Does the person asking for maintenance lack sufficient property to provide for their reasonable needs? Is the person asking for maintenance unable to support themselves through appropriate employment? Can the person asking for maintenance acquire sufficient education or … Continued

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How Missouri Calculates Child Support

One of the questions I get almost every day is “how much am I going to be getting/paying in child support?” Powered by OpenReel In Missouri, child support is calculated by what is called the Form 14. It has several factors that are accounted for, and it helps to have an idea of the following information when calculating child support: How much do you make, or are you capable of making (based on history of employment)? How much does the … Continued

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The Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce in Missouri

While looking at something as serious as the dissolution of marriage, it is important to know what all your options are. Divorce can be a scary word because of connotations, the finality it brings, and how it seems to end any hope of a positive resolution. For those who retain the hope or desire to have reconciliation with your spouse, there is a lesser known option known as legal separation. What is Legal Separation? In the state of Missouri, there … Continued

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