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  • Haefner Divorce Lawyers Saint Louis

    Divorce Attorneys in Lee’s Summit and Kansas City, Missouri

    Lee’s Summit, Missouri Divorce Lawyers

    First and foremost, I am sorry that you are on this website in the first place.  Divorce is no fun, and regardless of how smoothly the process goes, it is a stressful and sad time.  That being said, Haefner Law Office will do whatever it takes to make this process as simple and painless as possible.

    Start with a Free Consultation

    So, how does the “Flat Rate Divorce” system work?

    Divorce is a very complicated process, but we have done our best to simplify the process so that it takes a minimum amount of your time, while still ensuring that you have excellent results backed by a respected law firm.  We have had tremendous success in the St. Louis area, and want to offer this opportunity to families in Kansas City.

    You will start by calling our office and setting up a time to speak with an attorney. Simply ask our staff to set you up for our thirty-minute free phone consultation.  We need to ensure that a.) we are a good fit, and b.) that the matter is actually an uncontested matter that will allow us to deliver excellent results for you in a timely manner.  We will discuss the specifics in your case, and hopefully, we will be able to work together.

    Once we have spoken and you would like to move forward, you will sign and return a contract allowing us to proceed.  We also take payment and email you a few forms to fill out that provides us with the basic information needed to complete a comprehensive first draft of your documents. Those will be completed and emailed to you in about ten business days after hiring Haefner Law Office.

    When you receive your first draft, you will then need to provide them to your spouse for their review as well.  Each side will then mark up any changes you would like on those documents.  Our office will be in touch shortly after sending the documents to set a time for you and your spouse to meet with an attorney.

    Affordable Kansas City Divorce Lawyers

    At the meeting with the attorney, you and your spouse come and discuss whatever changes you would like to make to the documents.  It is our intention that we will make those changes, print the documents, and get signatures on everything needed to complete the divorce that day.  Please note that we only represent you, and your spouse will be encouraged to have the documents reviewed by their own attorney even though all we are doing is drafting the agreement between you two.

    Once we have signatures on all of the documents, we will file the matter with the Court and get a date for an uncontested hearing (should one be necessary).  We will also let you know if there are any parenting classes that need to be attended by you and your spouse once we have your case number.

    At the hearing, you and your spouse will need to appear before the Court and testify that you have both read the documents and that you are wanting to be divorced.  The goal is to have you and your spouse on and off the witness stand in less than 10 minutes.

    How long does the Flat Rate Divorce process take?

    We are hesitant to give a timeframe on how long the entire process takes as we are offering a whole new service.  That being said, part of what makes our process so much more appealing than traditional divorce is the speed in which we are able to wrap this up for you.  In St. Louis, we are averaging between 45 and 55 days to complete a dissolution from the date of hire until the Judge signs.  However, with Kansas City currently requiring hearings unless both parties are represented, we are somewhat at the mercy of the Court’s calendar.  The goal, however, is to have the divorce completed within 90 days of hiring us.  That timeframe might be a bit ambitious, but we are hopeful to get it done even sooner than that for you.

    Why do you have to meet with both me and my spouse?

    This is an excellent question and one that is made to benefit you much more than anything.  The last thing anyone wants to do is pay an attorney to show up to Court thinking that the matter is settled only to find out at the last moment that it is a contested case.

    When we meet with both you and your spouse, it ensures that the matter is truly uncontested and that you are using your money as efficiently as possible.  If your spouse refuses to sign off on the documents, then your case is likely contested, and we will need to refer you to a trusted attorney to aggressively represent you through the complicated and stressful process.

    What if my spouse refuses to come to the meeting?

    We get it. Divorce sucks, and sometimes you are not able to convince your spouse to come to a meeting to work out the details.  In that situation, we will meet with you and make whatever changes both you and your spouse agreed upon.  We will then send you with a copy of all of the documents that your spouse will need to sign in front of a notary and return to our office.  Once we receive those, we will file the matter with the Court and set it for an uncontested hearing.

    Please note, however, you are running a risk if you hire us for an uncontested divorce and the matter is actually contested.  The work and drafts we create on your behalf will be able to be used in your contested matter (so no money lost there), but the delay in time is where you are losing the most.  The sooner you can get this done, the better.

    How do I know if I have an uncontested divorce?

    We have done our best to help our clients see if they are able to get this done in the most efficient way possible.  If you look at our Forms page on the website, you will see one called “Uncontested Divorce Checklist”.  Fill that out and see if you are in agreement on everything.  If so, congratulations!  You can get this done fast, (relatively) cheap, and easy!  If not, you might want to consider starting the matter as a contested matter and be more aggressive from the get-go.

    We want to help you navigate this process as smoothly as possible. Give us a call at (816) 287-8900 to set up a thirty-minute free phone consultation with one of our attorneys.

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