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  • Apr 15th, 2016

    Interview with Jamie Allman – 97.1 FM NewsTalk

    Divorce, Interviews

    Haefner Law Office, LLC provides quality divorce law services to the St. Louis, MO and St. Charles, MO areas. Haefner Law continues to demonstrate its place among St. Louis’ top tier divorce lawyers by offering quality family and divorce law services at affordable flat rates.

    Haefner Law Office recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jamie Allman of Allman in the Morning, 97.1 FM NewsTalk. In the four minute clip included below, owner and attorney Mark Haefner met with Jamie Allman to discuss Haefner Law Office’s distinct specialization in family law and flat rate divorces. “Uncontested or contested [divorces,] we try to make it as easy as it could be for our clients. […]”

    Haefner Law Office, LLC understands the legal and personal intricacies of family law to determine the best situational outcome during and after a divorce. However, we will work closely with potential and current clients to seek other avenues of reconciliation before legal proceedings. “One of the first things we do is […] we ask if the marriage can be saved,” says owner and attorney Mark Haefner. “If the answer is even five percent yes, we recommend going to a marriage counselor.” Haefner Law Office, LLC then works with clients who opt to move forward with our divorce law services to help them better understand the weight of the legal and financial decisions on their families as our clients explore outcomes for their situations.

    Unlike other attorneys, Haefner Law Office offers a flat rate pricing structure that is both affordable and considerate of every client’s needs. Regardless of the services rendered, clients will always know how much their services cost when working with Haefner Law Offices. More than just filing documents, the true Haefner Law Office difference is most apparent in our ability to serve during every part of the divorce law process – from filing forms to appearing by your side in court.

    Because Haefner Law Office, LLC provides flat rates for each our services, clients can truly benefit from the control how their resources are utilized in their own cases. Family law cases can include an services that may extend outside the traditional family law case–and this may be where other larger law firms charging standard hourly fees feel fit to take advantage. Instead of racking up hours of time and money, Haefner Law Office utilizes a value-based fee structure that places the control in the client’s hands.

    Haefner Law Office, LLC understands that family law can be a complex journey that requires complex protocol and experience. Our family and divorce attorneys utilize their combined decades of experience and relevant legal analysis daily to determine the best outcome for Missourians hoping to understand this shifting family law landscape. Our staff at Haefner Law Office, LLC will work with you every step of the way to advocate for the best resolution for you and your family.

    If you’re considering a divorce, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Missouri family law attorney with over twenty years of combined experience. Schedule a consultation with any one of our attorneys to learn more about how Haefner Law Office, LLC can fight for you in and outside of the courtroom.