Maintenance in Missouri

Maintenance in Missouri is one of the most difficult things to predict in family law cases.  Maintenance has little structure, varies greatly between counties and Judges, and often depends on several factors.  These are included in RSMo. §452.335, and include the following: Does the person asking for maintenance lack sufficient property to provide for their reasonable needs? Is the person asking for maintenance unable to support themselves through appropriate employment? Can the person asking for maintenance acquire sufficient education or … Continued

Can Child Custody and Child Support Be Modified?

After a divorce is finalized, and if the couple has children, they will receive court orders specifying who has custody of the children, how visitation will proceed, and how much child support is to be paid. These orders remain in effect until the children reach the age of 18. However, life circumstances can change, making it difficult to adhere to the order. If you need to modify your child custody or child support order, here’s what to do. Modifying Child … Continued

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